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Our Team
SustainFunding is led by a team of driven and experienced professionals.
Karim Abboud

20 years of experience in the financial industry.

Karim first started his career as a sales trader and strategist.

  • Establishing and managing various desks between Paris and London. 

  • Covering hedge funds, banks and family offices on interest rates derivatives, indexes and commodities.

  • Delivering clients investment solutions via the publication of global macro researches and the establishment of  futures and options relative value portfolio with solid long term track record.

Karim then decided to move to Lisbon where he founded SustainFunding in order to embrace the ongoing sustainable finance transition, specialising more specifically on:

  • Delivering sustainable investment advisory with a special focus on real assets.

  • Designing and implementing  innovative sustainable investing solutions with long term value creation and positive impact.  

Karim holds a Master of Science in International Finance from Skema Business School, a Diploma in financial strategy from the University of Oxford, Said Business School and is accredited CFA ESG investing and LEED Green Associate.

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Business Partner
Franck da Silva

After studying applied mathematics, business management, economics and finance in Paris, Franck worked as an M&A Analyst in Paris for Europefa Partenaires, an M&A boutique dedicated to smallcap transactions.

He then worked for the Paris-based investment bank Aurige Finance, founded by ex-partners of Arthur Andersen, as an M&A Analyst and then become Director where he led numerous domestic midcap transactions, developed his technical abilities and perfected his execution methodology.

He then went on to found his own M&A and Corporate Finance advisory company in Paris, Ænon Corporate Finance which aim is to develop cross-border transactions between France and Portugal where he opened a second office in Lisbon.

In addition, Franck works in Zurich as a Partner for Ramus & Co., an M&A advisory company dedicated to Midcaps, and is involved with a number of companies as an entrepreneur and impact investor.

Franck s specialities include:

  • Cross-border M&A

  • Fundraising

  • Growth Strategy Advisory

  • Shareholders’ Strategy

  • Corporate Finance

  • Impact investments

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